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Bonus: We also offer a $1,000 bonus for referring qualified candidates, paid when the gestational surrogate matches.

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Surrogate Compensation

We want our surrogates to know and understand the compensation from the beginning. Therefore, transparency is our priority, with no hidden loopholes or additional requirements thrown in along the way.

We offer a generous Benefits Package starting at $50,000, with additional fees and bonuses.

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Process & Timeline

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Become a Surrogate Step One
Step One: Application Process

We will spend some time getting to know you and making sure we have answered all your questions. Then, we will have a few questions of our own.

We will gather information through questionnaires, an interview, and your medical history, including your pregnancy and delivery records.

Also, at this time, we will want to know what your preferences are for matching with intended parents.

You will undergo some basic laboratory testing and a psychological assessment. We also will review your medical insurance to determine which, if any, aspects of the surrogacy are covered. To prevent unforeseen expenses for you, we may need to change or expand your health insurance coverage.

Step Two
Step Two: Matching and Medical

Once we know you well, you will take the helm to choose potential intended parents. First, we will provide you with a few profiles of intended parents, based on your preferences from Step One, to select. You will be paired with the intended parents when all parties are on board.

You will begin building your connection with your intended parents during your Match Meeting. We will introduce you to each other so you can start building your relationship.

Then, the fertility clinic will review all of your medical records plus your lab results from Step One so that you can obtain medical clearance for surrogacy. You will need to travel to the fertility clinic for your medical evaluation. The trip typically takes one to two days, depending on proximity.

Become a Surrogate Step Three
Step Three: Legal Process

To make sure you know and understand all of your rights as a surrogate, you will meet with an experienced surrogacy attorney in your area, referred to you by Fairfax Surrogacy. The Gestational Carrier Agreement will cover the legal aspects of your journey as a surrogate, and the attorney will represent your interests as you read and understand the contract.

Become a Surrogate Step Four
Step Four: Fertility Cycle

It is time to prepare your body to carry its precious cargo. First, you will start the fertility clinic’s medication protocol to prepare for the embryo transfer and pregnancy and begin lab work and ultrasounds for that process. Then, you will make a two- to three-day trip to the intended parents’ clinic for the embryo transfer. The follow-up to confirm and monitor the pregnancy may occur either at a local clinic or at the intended parents’ clinic. It depends on what all parties have decided.

Become a Surrogate Step Five
Step Five: Pregnancy

Your prenatal checkups will take place with your provider. Your case manager will work with you closely to support you and provide any resources you need. If you haven’t been already, this is the time to lean on family for support and potentially join the virtual surrogacy support group. Everyone aims for the surrogate to be healthy, happy, and calm as we anticipate the new arrival.

Become a Surrogate Step Six
Step Six: Delivery

All of the hopes and dreams have pointed toward this special moment. Finally, the baby arrives, and you will be witness to the magic of your intended parents holding their baby for the first time. While this will be the end of the journey, it is only the beginning in so many more ways.

You will see lives transform – including your own – in front of your very eyes.

How to Become a Surrogate

Surrogate FAQs

Gestational carriers, also known as gestational surrogates, are by far the most popular option being used by couples. Gestational surrogates are not genetically related to the child that they carry. Instead, modern technology allows the gestational surrogate to carry a genetically unrelated fetus through donor eggs or using the intended mother’s eggs. Gestational surrogacy is what Fairfax Surrogacy does.

Traditional surrogacy is when the surrogate not only carries the child but also uses her eggs. This means she is the biological mother who carries the child with the intention of parentage placed to the intended parent(s) upon birth. Because of the traditional surrogate’s biological connection to the baby, traditional surrogacy raises many legal and medical concerns. If you are interested in this route, please proceed with tremendous caution.

Nothing! Financial transparency for surrogates is one of our priorities. All pregnancy related expenses are covered, and there will be no hidden costs or exceptions along the way. In addition, you will receive compensation for your time.

Yes. From the beginning, we will be talking to you about your matching preferences. We will provide profiles of intended parents who meet your criteria. If your preferred intended parents agree to the match, then we will connect everyone virtually so you can begin to get acquainted. From there, the relationship can take shape however the surrogate and intended parents see fit.

Yes, you can. We will accept surrogates who have had 2 c-sections.

Yes! Tied tubes or  a past “tubal ligation” does not impact your ability to be a gestational surrogate. As a gestational surrogate, you will undergo a reproductive treatment called  In Vitro Fertilization, also known as IVF. By using the IVF process, it bi-passes the need to travel through the tubes altogether, since the embryo is transferred directly to the uterus.  No matter if your tubes are cut, cauterized, or “tied’ you can absolutely still enter into a gestational surrogacy. 

Our medical experts’ experience has provided us with a set of requirements for surrogates that produce the best results. A woman with a BMI above 32 runs the risk of developing preeclampsia, gestational diabetes, and other conditions and situations that can affect the surrogate and the baby. 

Yes, you can. You can make this part of your matching preferences, and Fairfax Surrogacy will work to find you intended parents for whom this is a match.

No, you do not. We will review your medical insurance to determine which, if any, aspects of the surrogacy are covered. In the interest of preventing unforeseen expenses for you, we may need to change or expand your health insurance coverage, which Fairfax Surrogacy will purchase for you.

Yes, the surrogate chooses whom will deliver the baby. Often surrogates are most comfortable using the same doctor or facility as their previous birth(s), and the surrogate’s medical coverage is usually best in her local area. We understand that pregnancy and birth is an intimate process, and we encourage you to choose a provider and birth setting where you feel most comfortable. Not only are we supportive of our surrogates using a midwife, we have a midwife on staff! 

Absolutely. You also can choose to hire a birth doula experienced with surrogates and intended parents, for additional emotional support.

Most likely, but only for a couple days at a time. If you are not local to the fertility clinic, you will travel there for 1-2 days for the initial medical screening and then again for 2-3 days for the embryo transfer. Fairfax Surrogacy will make sure all travel-related expenses are covered each time, and a companion will be able to accompany you for the embryo transfer.

We are experts in surrogacy, not taxes, so we recommend that you work with a certified tax professional. We do not issue a 1099.

We wouldn’t want the compensation for surrogacy to interfere with benefits that are crucial for your family’s betterment. The income requirements for many government-assistance programs are typically below the base compensation for a surrogate, which would then make you ineligible for the government programs.

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